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August 2018   

September 2018

Swamiji's Message on the ocassion of Mahalaya Paksha & Mahalaya Amavasya, September 25th - October 8th

Before the Navarathri, the fortnight of Mahalaya Paksha is the time for us to offer respect to our ancestors (Pitru Devatas). There is a great need to pay our gratitude to our parents, grandparents and others who have given us this body and are responsible for our existence, and seek their blessings.  Just as we pay rent to the house owner if we live in a house, so also since we are using the body given by our parents and ancestors we have to pay rent in the form of service to them if they are living and in the form of respect if they are not alive, serving the ancestors with “shradha” is what is needed, and hence the word Shrardha. One should offer shrardha to the deceased ancestors on the specific date of the mahalaya paksha corresponding to the date of the deceased one or on the Mahalaya Amavasya day(October 8th 2018).

 Before we receive the divine power during Navarathri, it is our duty to pay respect to our ancestors, so we observe the Mahalaya paksha to become competent to receive the Divine Energy.