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Article in Andhra Bhoomi on ocassion of Swamiji's Birthday Celebrations : MArch 1st - March 5th 2014

Article in Andhra Bhoomi Weekly, March 12th edition
Article in Andhra Bhoomi Weekly, March 12th edition

Bhagwan Sri Viswayogi Viswamjee is one who is yearning and constantly striving for Universal peace, universal unity and universal integration. He is trying to show solutions to prevent natural calamities, free the world from terrorism and diseases like Ebola and the youth addicted to alcohol and drugs and trying to see that the people lead happy lives.  He has constructed an ashram in Viswanagar, in Guntur District in Andhra Pradesh and in this ashram has started a hospital by name Viswayogi Institute of medical sciences (VIMS) which is providing free medical facilities to the poor and needy. As a part of the mission to bring about universal integration, peace and Swamiji has travelled to the United States of America.  Here are the excerpts of Viswamjee’s interview given to Andhra Bhoomi representative on his return to India after tour of 20 states in the United States.

Q. What is the intention of the tour of America?

A. My intention and goal is to make the world an abode of peace. The Indian Sanatana dharma proclaims “Lokah samasta sukhino bhavantu”. America is like a mini world.  The intellectuals, scientists and educated people from all parts of the world are living there. I am trying to bring about awareness and consciousness in the people living in the America. I believe that they will be useful to take my mission of bringing about peaceful conditions in the world to all the countries in the world.

Q. How is the response to your mission in the America?

A.  It is very good. There has been a change in thinking of students, teachers working at different positions in the educational institutions, scientists, intellectuals, those in ruling positions, mayors, governors and state representatives. Those living in the USA don’t just think of earning money.  They have the yearning to know the truth. Every person has power in him or her him and I can see that people realize that it is their duty to use that power for good of the society and thereby bring peace in the world. Since 2001 I am going every year on a tour of America. The seed for “Peace” which was planted in 2001 has now grown into a tree and spread all over America. The fact that Rudram chanting was done in the white house shows the change that has taken place.

Q. What efforts are you doing to bring about awareness or consciousness in America?

A. I am talking about my intention and goal in discussions, meetings and gatherings in universities, worship places, government offices and religious institutions. It is my desire that children should respect their parents and elders.  Through different platforms I am trying to preach the Indian way of life which teaches us to lead a peaceful life with moral values and justice without harming even an ant in the process. Americans liked these teachings. Through self-experience the Americans now understand the reality.  All the different groups have got faith in my teachings.

Q. You say that India and America should work together.  Is it not necessary to have any relationship with other countries?

A.  Internationally there should be good relations between all countries in the world. If the world is the human body, India is like the heart and America is like the brain. All the other countries are like other parts of the body. If head and brain work properly then it will be possible for other parts of the body to work properly. Just as all the parts are needed by the body for world peace cooperation of all the countries is needed.

Q. What kind of results do you think your teachings will give?

A.  Even when God incarnated as Rama or Krishna, the tasks they undertook did not give results immediately. Even God had to work hard to bring about moral values, truth, righteousness and justice. Just as we are protecting our body from viruses and bacteria by giving immunizations, the teachings of Mahatmas act as immunizations against terrorism and extremism in the world thereby bringing peace in the world.

Q.  How much ever one is trying terrorism does not seem to be reducing. What is the solution for this?

A. It is true that terrorism is increasing. But the important thing is whether we are taking necessary steps to control it.  There is a need to give proper guidance rather than punishment to the evil doers.  Sun is one power center.  It is our duty to use that power. It is our decision whether we want to use the power of the sun or not.

Q. Natural calamities are troubling man. How can man free himself from this?

A.  Natural calamities are result of man’s own wrong deeds. Man is completely polluting the five elements namely Earth, water, air, fire and sky. This pollution is bringing extreme changes in the nature. Man can’t withstand if nature declares a war. I have been telling from beginning that the five elements should not be polluted.  All the countries are coming with plans so that the nature is not polluted and implementing them.

Q.  Can we make a rule that the five elements should not be polluted?

A. There is no use of rules. Though there are anti-dowry rules along with other rules, they are not being properly implemented. There has to be a change in every one out of their own free will.

Q. Is there a need to change or convert between religions?

A.  There is no need for conversions or change in religions.  If a person born into one religion changes his religion it is like leaving his own mother and going to another mother. Man needs to have humanity.  Every religion preaches us to live with justice, moral values and lead a righteous life. Religion may get a bad name because of people, but no religion does any bad. When Christ was born to which religion did he belong to? When Prophet Mohammed was born to which religion did he belong to? We can’t say that they belonged to any particular religion. Those who followed the path preached by Christ we are calling as Christians.  It is to be noted that the people who are following the teachings of Prophet Mohammed have called themselves as Muslims. Everyone should learn to follow their own religion and respect the other person’s religion.

Q.  The moral values in the society are being destroyed. What is the solution to this?

A.  The educational institutions should impart necessary moral values so that each student should be molded as a good citizen. The government should take decisions keeping this in mind. If the parents also behave in a way as to be ideals for their children the society will be good.

Q. Do you say that there are righteousness and moral values in the society?

A. Every person should be righteous and have moral values. Not just preaching to others but we should be able to put it into practice.  We should earn money, but we have to learn to earn it adhering to dharma. There is no doubt that the results will be good if every person thinks that the “Moral Values” should begin with “Me”.

Q. What is your message?

A.  In the society everyone should do his or her duty abiding by all the rules. A surgeon should do the work he is supposed to do; an engineer should do the work he is supposed to do. In this way if everyone does what he is supposed to do it will be good. Worship the five Mothers (Mother Earth, Mother Universe, Mother India, Mother Cow and Mother who has given us birth). The parents should train and bring up their children in such a way that they are useful to the society. Consider the human body as a temple, and make the body strong, and also make the country strong. We should learn to offer our help in whatever way we can to our fellowmen. We should put the life which the Lord has given us to good use. This is the message that yogis give to the entire mankind.