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In every person, the energy of desire - Iccha sakti, the energy of knowledge - Jnana sakti and energy of action - Kriya sakti dwell respectively in the heart, the brain and the spine. These three represent Vishnu, Brahma and Maheshwara, the Trinity. Dattatreya symbolizes the state of union of these three energies. The energy resulting from the union of devotion, wisdom and action is Dattatreya Sakti. That energy is the omnipotent and omnipresent electro-magnetic energy. The person who attains that energy is himself Dattasakti. For the energy in every man to become one with Dattasakti pervading the entire universe, the path to be trod is that of LOVE, WISDOM and COMPASSION. He who takes that path will be able to render service to fellow men and service to fellowmen is service to God. Only when the electrical energy flows into a bulb, the bulb glows. Mere flowing of electric current through a conductor does not light up a lamp. In the same way when the cosmic energy in the form of knowledge flows into an engineer, his engineering expertise blossoms or when it flows into a doctor, his skill as a doctor flowers. This energy is Dattasakti, regarded as a single unified form of Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara. In truth, the three, Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara are in each of us in the form of unified power of "construction, protection and merger" (Sristhi, Sthithi and Laya), which is Dattasakti. They are not three separate powers by manifestations of one and the same power just as the same man may have different roles simultaneously, of a husband, a son, a father, a grandfather, a friend, etc. Truth, Knowledge, the Infinite and the Supreme (Sathyam, Jnanam, Anantham and Brahma) constitute the underlying principle of Dattasakti.

-- Bhagwan Sri Sri Sri Viswayogi Viswamjee